clear Co., Ltd.

Specialties:Application for Mobile、Engineer Dispatch/Comissioned Development

Strengths and benefits we want to showcase

We develop and operate the No. 1 popular ramen application "Mainichi ga Ramen". Our strength lies in developing applications that are easy for users to use, leveraging our know-how in application development and service operation that captures the needs of users.

Basis for creating strengths and benefits

We have a proven track record of making our original application "Mainichi-ga Ramen" a hit. We have the experience and know-how gained through analysis and marketing of the app market, planning and release of the app, and development with a consistent focus on "making it more useful" from the planning stage, which only in-house development can provide.
In addition, we have experience in developing web applications as well as iOS and Android applications in contracted development, and our experience in in-house development allows each engineer to envision the user's usage scenario and make proactive proposals with an eye to improving UX.

Story behind the creation of strengths and benefits

The idea for "Everyday Ramen" came from the fact that both our president and employees are ramen enthusiasts. In creating the ramen app, we analyzed ramen apps in the world to catch the trends, and sometimes directly asked ramen fans for their opinions to get their demands, aiming to develop the ultimate ramen app that ramen lovers are looking for.
As a result, we have become the most popular ramen app in the world, and the number of active users continues to grow.
This result and the high technical skills of our engineers have given birth to our strengths.
We give priority to what our engineers like, what they want to do, and their opinions. This is because we are convinced that the results will come because of what our engineers love to do.
Our engineers respond to this by being challenging, working on new things, adopting new things, and making suggestions.
We will support your application development with the know-how of our in-house developed applications and the high technical skills of our engineers.
CEO Toru Domon
Zip Code 060-0061
Room 502, Hokuei Building,
4-168, Minami 1-jo Nishi 10-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo