KIRORU Co., Ltd.

Specialties:XR Image Processing、Application for Mobile

Strengths and benefits we want to showcase

We have extensive experience and achievements in iOS/Android application development. Nowadays, we are often referred to as KIROR for smartphone app development in Hokkaido.

Basis for creating strengths and benefits

For about 10 years since our founding, we have developed numerous iOS/Android applications, claiming to be an iOS/Android application development specialist, and have accumulated experience and achievements. For example, we have received smartphone app development requests from many customers, from communication speed measurement apps for major carriers in the Tokyo metropolitan area to apps for newspaper companies in Hokkaido.

Story behind the creation of strengths and benefits

Mr. Sakashita first encountered Android during his time at the company he worked for before starting his own business. At the time, actual devices were not yet available in Japan and only development machines provided by Google existed, but the ability to run applications I had developed on the phone at hand made me realize the infinite possibilities. Ten years have passed since then, and such things are now commonplace, but I would like to keep my antennae open for new technologies every day without forgetting how I felt back then.
CEO Kenji Sakashita
Zip Code 060-0042
Odori Koen Bldg. 5F,
6-10 Odori-Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo