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SAPPORO Pitch Registered Companies

Here you can find introductions of IT companies registered with SAPPORO Pitch which have headquarters in Sapporo city.
They are able to support you in various of fields. Please take a look at their own features and strengths for your reference.

Category List

  • AI/Machine Learning/Natural Language ProcessingEZOTEC Reception SystemIoTICT Consulting
  • ICT EngineerWebsite ProductionEngineer Dispatch/Comissioned Development
  • Games
  • E-CommerceICT ConsultingWebsite ProductionStreamingContent Distribution/On DemandApplication for MobileMusic Technology
  • AI/Machine Learning/Natural Language ProcessingIoTICT ConsultingBig Data/Data ScienceApplication for MobileEngineer Dispatch/Comissioned Development
  • XR Image ProcessingApplication for Mobile
  • Advertising TechnologyE-CommerceIoTICT ConsultingSoftware as a ServiceWebsite ProductionStreamingXR Image ProcessingCloud Rental Server ProvideSecurityApplication for Mobile
  • AI×RPA SolutionAI/Machine Learning/Natural Language ProcessingCLOUD General SupportApplication for Mobile
  • IoTWebsite ProductionStreamingXR Image ProcessingContent Distribution/On DemandHardware